Downhole IP

Downhole Induced Polarisation

Downhole Induced Polarisation (IP) We’ll have a write up and description of Downhole Induced Polarisation (IP) soon.

3D Interpretation

3D Interpretation and report writing using geophysics, geochemical to find gold, silver, and minerals.

  3D Interpretation Magnetic, Gravity & IP Surveys We can both conduct magnetic, gravity and induced polarisation (IP) surveys to make  3D interpretation particularly suitable and conduct the 3D modelling and visualization ourselves. Much of 3D interpretation is comprised of (relatively) new techniques that has become possible with the hugely increased processing power of personal computers.  It allows […]

Induced Polarization and Resistivity

Downhole Induced Polarisation and Resistivity using I.P. to find gold, silver, and minerals with geophysics in B.C.

  Induced Polarization (IP) and Resistivity Induced polarization (IP) and resistivity surveying works due to the ground’s ability to transmit electricity even in the absence of metallic-type conductors. Through a transmitter, voltage is applied to the ground and electrical current flows. If certain mineral particles that transport current by electrons (mostly sulphides, some oxides and […]