Standard Soil Sampling

Geotronics uses soil sampling, a geochemical technique, to find minerals like gold, silver, uranium, and others.

Standard Soil Sampling Like MMI, standard soil sampling is surveying for anomalous metal values in surficial deposits (such as glacial till, colluvium, fluvial deposits, etc.). The main differences between MMI and standard soil samplingare the sampling procedure and the type and breadth of analysis performed in the lab.

MMI Soil Sampling

Cobalt Mobile Metal Ion or MMI Soil Sampling using geochemistry to find gold, silver, uranium, and other minerals in British Columbia

Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) Soil Sampling MMI soil sampling is an advance geochemical exploration technique proven in finding mineral deposits, particularly at depth where it has a distinct advantage over standard soil sampling. Its advantages include: few false anomalies, sharply defined anomalies, repeatability, defined metal zones and associations, detection of deeply buried mineralization, low noise, […]